Magnolia Pointe of South Barrington

Outstanding Amenities and Infastructure

Beginning with Magnolia Pointe’s uniquely designed entrance of masonry pillars and ornamental iron, the careful and thoughtful planning of this development becomes evident. Abundant plantings of shade trees, ornamentals and evergreens grace the streets and cul-de-sacs, and provide visual and aural separation from adjacent lands. Both the quantity and size of the trees being planted well exceed village requirements. Decorative lighting standards provide low-level lighting to enhance the nearby landscape features. A generous one and one-half acres of recreation facilities are provided, including a tennis court, basketball court, and sand volleyball court. A gazebo with benches provides for quiet and comfortable enjoyment of the area. Elsewhere, a fishing pier with benches surveys the central pond. And of course, all paving, curbing, drainage and infrastructure meet or exceed stringent village requirements.

Progressive Covenants to Preserve Neighborhood Integrity and Quality of Life

Magnolia Point of South Barrington is designed to enhance the value of its properties well into the future. Generous lot sizes begin at a minimum of five thousand square feet, and a four-car garage minimum. Architectural and landscaping integrity is also provided for with the highest standards in subdivision covenants.

Developed in Harmony with the Environment

An integral part of the Magnolia Pointe development is the incorporation and protection of the surrounding wetlands. Active wetland mitigation features a diversity of unique shallow water plants such as arrowheads, bulrushes and blue flag iris, creating an aesthetically appealing aquatic community to complement the landscaped uplands of the development. The wetland areas provide an important natural wildlife habitat while creating a harmonious natural setting for the residences of Magnolia Pointe.

Located in close proximity to restaurants, nightlife, and parks.


South Barrington, IL



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